Editing Nears Completion

Editing and rewrites for Vandal Valkyrie sit around 3/4 complete. Tax season (through April 18) is a busy time due to a second job doing tax prep, but once that is over I expect to be ready to publish by August. I plan to leave Vandal Valkyrie up on Wattpad, but e-book and physical editions will also become available. This does depend on getting art comissioned for commercial covers, but I’ve gotten some potential lines. The next book, Aesir Ascendant, is cooking along in the planning stage. I expect to have it ready in a year or two after Valkyrie. Here is the current version of the Wattpad cover, which is much improved with what I’ve learned from the folks over at CoverCritics.com.

Vandal Valkyrie Cover


The Book Is Finished

Vandal Valkyrie is now complete. There is still editing to do and much else before it can be published, but the manuscript is done and is posted on Wattpad in its entirety. It came in at around 100,800 words by the end.

Honestly I’m pretty stoked.